Edgar Alejandro, Mexico Sales

Edgar Alejandro
Mexico Sales Support

Sara Bogue, Business Unit Director

Sara Bogue
Business Unit Director

Brenda Brooks, Senior Marketing Assistant

Brenda Brooks
Senior Marketing Assistant

Margie Diaz, Customer Service Representative

Margie Diaz
Customer Service Representative

Sue Graziano, Customer Service Representative

Sue Graziano
Customer Service Representative

Derrick Hardy, Western Territory Manager

Derrick Hardy
Western Territory Manager

Mike Henton, Midwestern Territory Manager

Mike Henton
Midwestern Territory Manager

Rose Kiermeier, Customer Service Manager

Rose Kiermeier
Customer Service Manager

Keith Klein, Southeastern Territory Manager

Keith Klein
Southeastern Territory Manager

Deb Kline, Technical Service Leader

Deb Kline
Technical Service Leader

Dan Marcus, Market Manager, Industrial Products & Shoe

Dan Marcus
Market Manager
Industrial Products & Shoe

Brian Martin, Business Unit Director

Brian Martin
Business Unit Director

Ivrie Myhre, Creative Media Coordinator

Ivrie Myhre
Creative Media Coordinator

Sandy Palacios, Customer Service Representative

Sandy Palacios
Customer Service Representative

Luis_Rodrigues, Market Specialist, Central and South American Sales Manager

Luis Rodrigues
Market Specialist/Central
and South American
Sales Manager

Matt Saltini, Eastern Territory Manager

Matt Saltini
Eastern Territory Manager

Tim Shake, Southwestern Territory Manager

Tim Shake
Southwestern Territory Manager

Denise Tucker, Customer Service Representative

Denise Tucker
Customer Service Representative

Jeff Underhill, Central Territory Manager

Jeff Underhill
Central Territory Manager

Colleen Veitz, Marketing Communications Coordinator

Colleen Veitz
Marketing Communications

Sam Veitz, Director of Automotive

Sam Veitz
Director of Automotive

Barbie Zarella, Export Services Manager

Barbie Zarella
Export Services Manager

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