On the subject of passion, esteemed American businessman Sam Walton said, “If you love your work, you'll be out there every day trying to do it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon everybody around will catch the passion from you - like a fever.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to meet Ideal Tape’s Plant Manager, Frank Flanagan, you’ve likely experienced the fever. When Frank talks about his work, his passion is obvious and his excitement is infectious.

At the end of March, ABI Tape and Ideal Tape presented Frank with the Making the Difference Award. “ABI Tape and Ideal Tape are fortunate to have the greatest employees anyone could wish for. Everybody works well and hard and many go ‘beyond the call of duty’” says Michel Merkx, Vice President and General Manager. “Frank Flanagan was selected for the ‘Making the Difference Award 17/18’ for his drive, leadership, competence, and incredible passion in supporting team members and servicing customers.”

Frank has held many positions at Ideal Tape, all preparing him for his current role as Plant Manager. As a young man, he accepted a job as Machine Operator at Ideal Tape in 1979. It didn’t take long before Frank was promoted to First Shift Lead Person, backing up supervision for Coating, Mixing and Material Handling in 1980. Just two short years later, he was promoted again to Quality Control Technician, where his machine operation skills helped quality initiatives. Before he knew it, Frank was promoted again to Process Technician, helping to improve Ideal’s manufacturing processes.

With all of those experiences, Frank was a shoo-in for his next promotion to Coating, Mixing and Material Handling Manager. Frank proudly held the position for 14 years, until he was offered the role of Assistant Plant Manager. Continuously proving himself to be a dependable, resourceful and forward-thinking employee, Frank became Ideal Tape’s Plant Manager and has held the title since 2010. Early next year, Frank will celebrate an incredible 40th Anniversary with Ideal Tape.

We thank Frank for everything he has done to better the company over the years. “Even greater than to see Frank speechless [when he received the Award], was to see the genuine happiness of all his colleagues cheering for him,” says Merkx. Frank’s passion, dedication and enthusiasm are unrivaled and have made all the difference at Ideal Tape.