Here's why contractors go gaga over Ideal Tape's HVAC tape products.

Here's why contractors go gaga over Ideal Tape's HVAC tape products.

It's easier to do a great job constructing or repairing ductwork when the professionals involved really cherish the quality and performance of their HVAC supplies. That's why we've put together a list of reasons why contractors go ga-ga over Ideal Tape's line of aluminum and cloth HVAC tape products.

1. We design tapes to pass high standards

UL is one of the most highly respected names in product compliance testing, and easily the most well known among builders. When we designed our HVAC tape products, we knew first and foremost that contractors would want supplies that passed well-regardedpected standards and persevered under the most rigorous trials.

With all that in mind, we manufacture a variety of HVAC tapes rated, listed and classified by UL:

  • UL Classified: 288, 291, 427, 488, 488S, 491, 728, 729 ASJ+, 788, 788S, 791
  • UL 181 A-H: Ideal Seal 490
  • UL 181 A-P: Ideal Seal 587 A/B, Ideal Seal 2000
  • UL 181 B-FX Listed: Ideal Seal 490, Ideal Seal 587 A/B, Ideal Seal 2000

2. We design tapes that are easy to tear

All good relationships are built on give and take, and the relationship between contractors and their HVAC supplies is no different. Pressure-sensitive HVAC tape must be especially simple to work with and pliant enough to perform as expected in tight spots or with irregular surfaces. In certain situations, it also helps if the tape tears without tools.

Sealing seams or tricky joints in a fiberglass duct board? Ask about Ideal Seal 2000, our flexible aluminum foil tape with acrylic adhesive that can be torn by hand.

3. We design tapes that are easy to use (and only getting easier)

Speaking of release liners, many of the liners on the HVAC tapes our customers love the most have received an upgrade, including our popular cold weather foil and insulation tapes with ColdSeal adhesive:

  • Ideal Seal 587 A/B
  • Ideal Seal 2000
  • 728
  • 729 ASJ+
  • 788
  • 788S
  • 791

Now applications are even easier to perform. Just another way we work to improve even our most treasured products.

Easy-to-use tape = happy professionals.High-quality tape = happy professionals.

The list of value propositions for HVAC pros and their customers goes on and on

As you've probably noticed by now, we make a bunch of user-friendly tape products that simplify a contractor's job. And hey, that's certainly worth celebrating.

Take Ideal Seal 490, for example, a two-step heat-activated tape without a release liner to cut down on clean-up time. 490 also changes colors as it is heated so users always know precisely when they've reached the exact temperature needed for a permanent bond. No guesswork and no risk.

But what's even more important than what great tapes do for HVAC professionals is how those who use our tapes pay the love forward to their customers. Easier applications reduce the time needed to install or fix systems, which makes appointments more affordable for customers and ensure contractors stay on schedule. Many of our tapes even act as a vapor barrier to preserve the structural integrity of a home and its HVAC system against moisture, adding just one more reason why HVAC pros and their customers love our tapes.