How will shoe tape impact 2017's trendiest shoe designs?

How will shoe tape impact 2017's trendiest shoe designs?

New York's Fashion Week came and went last September, but another is only months away. Between now and February 2017, designers will be hard at work creating fabulous, unprecedented kicks that are sure to steal the spotlight as models hit the catwalk.

Shoemakers hunting down the materials and accessories for tomorrow's footwear, however, will need to step up their game. After all, Americans aren't the only ones buying shoes. Although China, the world's second largest economy according to the World Economic Forum, is currently experiencing market stagnation, projections from HKTDC Research forecast growth in shoe sales in 2016. How large an increase? An estimated $24 billion USD.

Those numbers are great for shoemakers selling to China, but only if they can lay to rest consumer anxieties from an otherwise inactive economy. After all, when economies stagnate people tend to be more cautious in their purchases. The hottest footwear trends alone might not be enough to convince them to buy.

So, let's look at the latest, greatest shoe trends of 2017 and beyond and discuss how manufacturers can use shoemaking tools such as Trustay, Topline and Tackseal adhesive tape products from Ideal Tape to demonstrate quality to wary consumers.

"Trustay Tape reinforces leather to keep craftsmanship strong and comfortably stiff."

Textured leather

Nothing makes a statement quite like leather boots, and fashion designers have uncovered a new method for making this classic look stand out more than ever before. Manufacturers today emboss textures and intricate geometric patterns right into the leather, putting a 21st-century spin on a timeless wardrobe staple.

Shoes that receive that much care on the outside deserves the same level of care for the inside. Trustay Tape reinforces leather to keep craftsmanship strong and comfortably stiff in the store and on the customer's feet, so embossed designs pop and the integrity of the shoe holds wear after wear.

Colors and organics

Leather isn't the only option for shoemakers. Many designers have combined materials with varied thicknesses, textures, colors and compositions to create outrageous juxtapositions. With more than one base material to consider, manufacturers will need a temporary adhesive solution during production that's strong enough and flexible enough to work with a hybrid designs. 

Tackseal can hold components in place while shoe assemblers sew everything together and deliver the final touches. Preferable to messy temporary glues, transfer tape won't leave behind a sticky residue or place the finished product at risk. Since print designs and fur are making comebacks in 2017, manufacturers would be wise to avoid anything that would damage delicate products before they hit the shelves, compromise unique colors or draw attention away from funky designs.

The sleeker the strap, the more vulnerable it might be to damage.The sleeker the strap, the more vulnerable it might be to damage.


Mary Janes and stilettos might never go out of style, but these days manufacturers are more concerned with constructing wild soles and heels than they are with the most fragile part of these shoes: the straps.

Topline tapes conform to the curvature of shoe straps, bonding tightly and flexibly to provide a comfortable wear. Great for ankle strap heels, slingbacks, lace-ups and any other design with thin strapping.


When it comes to high fashion, what isn't there is just as important as what is. We're talking about eyelets, and many shoe designers have spent 2016 experimenting with new ways to show a little skin and a whole lot of class.

Now, while the fashion-forward probably won't sport shoes with toe or heel holes until the warm weather of spring 2017 is in full bloom, that gives businesses plenty of time to integrate Trustay Tape into their manufacturing processes. Truststay reinforces eyelets, lace holes and any other perforations to strengthen open-toe or open-heel designs.

For shoe companies trying new things in 2017, don't let manufacturing defects spoil your hottest products. Let innovative adhesive tapes guide your production as you take big steps forward in the name of high fashion.