We'd like to shed some light on a few universal truths about tape.

We'd like to shed some light on a few universal truths about tape.

It's hard to get the word out about tape. Trust us - we've been manufacturing tape for more than a century. Even though tape has evolved so much in the past 100 years, our customers are often quite surprised when we tell them all the marvelous things our tapes, and tape in general, can do.

We'd like to shed some light on a few universal truths about tape, so our customers can join us in our appreciation of this fabulous product.

1. Tape is undergoing a modern renaissance

In many ways, tape is an unsung hero. It's always an important part of progress, but never gets any recognition. But you don't have to be an adhesive detective to find tape at the center of today's most talked about trends in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Here are just a few examples:

  • Healthy, energy-efficient spaces: Environmentally minded people want greater sustainability in their homes and businesses. Heating, ventilation and cooling professionals, supplied with strong HVAC tapes, build and repair ductwork that supports smarter energy use.
  • Rising ecommerce: Online retail has turned strong pressure sensitive tape into a hot commodity. After all, what else could secure and protect shipped packages the ways tape does? But that's not all. Corrugated cardboard producers even use tape to manufacture the boxes that orders arrive in, according to the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council.
  • Automotive lightweighting: For greater fuel efficiency, automakers must build lighter cars. Instead of affixing components with heavy hardware, many manufacturers turn to tape for a bond that can withstand the open road while keeping vehicle weights low.

2. Tape is customizable

There is no one-size-sticks-to-all tape. Because many different businesses and industries rely on tape in so many different ways, tape manufacturers engineer products to serve very specific purposes. They use all sorts of materials to construct the exact tape customers are looking for.

If you don't know, we're here to help!If you don't know, ask us!

We here at ABI Tape use adhesives such as silicone, acrylic, natural rubber and synthetic rubber, which all have unique bonding, application and removal qualities. Backing on our tapes runs the gamut from polyester to aluminum, cloth to nylon. Several of our popular high-performance products boast many unbelievable ancillary features including waterproofing, UV protection, fire suppression, temperature resistance, etc. Whatever the task, there's a perfect tape waiting for you.

3. Tape is more than just a substitution for glue

Attention all commercial- and industrial-grade glue users: Whether you make shoes, electronics or anything in between, have you ever thought about the benefits of switching to tape?

"Tape is designed to be easy to control and apply."

If applied haphazardly, sloppy chemical glue can damage products beyond the point of sale. All that waste, both in goods and materials, comes directly out of the manufacturer's pocket. Tape, on the other hand, is designed to be easy to control and apply, so users know exactly how much it takes to get the job done. No more, no less.

4. Tape is an investment in customers and quality

Alone, tape is our company's mission, our love, the thing that inspires us. All manufacturers hopefully feel the same way about the goods they produce. But the real magic happens when our tapes combine with whatever it is you do. 

When manufacturers build reliable products and ship them safely using PSA tapes or protective films, their customers receive every ounce of the care sealed in and sent along for the ride. When repair specialists and contractors unspool rolls of HVAC tape to create ventilation systems for someone's home or repair a broken system, they improve a family's quality of life.

Sure, tape makes good business sense. Our products are affordable and can blend seamlessly into production or construction operations so as not to slow things down. But tape also makes good common sense. Tape has the power to connect companies with those they supply and serve and embed that lifeline into the products and services they offer to the world.

In short, tape brings people together.

For more information on our tape products, please visit our Product Literature Library, check out our blog or contact an ABI Tape or Ideal Tape representative today.